Breathing Techniques for a calm & relaxed birth

A short online course for parents preparing for a positive birth

Are you ready to learn valuable skills that will keep you calm and confident in labour??

This course will give you the ability to approach your labour with confidence and prepare for the birth you want.

  • Start feeling calm and relaxed right about birth because you have mastered a variety of techniques

  • Refresh your skills from a previous birth, and learn some new ones too!

  • Boost your confidence in your body and your ability to have a positive birth experience

Is breathing really that important?

Yes - yes it is!

Breathing is an incredible function of the body as it is both autonomic (ie you do it automatically) but also you have some degree over control over it. 

When you understand how your breath can influence your physiology you can use it to help you brilliantly cope with labour one contraction at a time. 

It is a small but incredibly valuable skill that helps you to prepare for a calm and relaxed birth - and also can also help reduce the sensation of pain.

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This self-guided, pre-recorded course means you do the course in your own time at your own pace and repeat it as many times as you like

And have you found so far that:

  • you don't have much spare time

  • you feel a bit overwhelmed by it all

  • you don't really know what skills will actually help

  • you don't feel confident in your body and yourself

  • and you have found that fear is stopping you doing anything?

Learn better ways to breathe for labour even if you've had a baby before

You already know that every pregnancy, baby, labour and birth are unique. 

You may have already done some antenatal courses but they didn't quite give you want you needed.

You have learned all about pregnancy and life with a baby but you still don't feel prepared for labour and birth.

You may already have previous experience of labour breathing or any kind of breathing techniques.

And being able to connect the knowledge of WHY it helps, with the HOW can give you a huge boost in the way you can cope with contractions.

You are being held back by feeling OVERWHELMED at where to start

You need something that:

  • you can easily understand but has high value

  • you can easily afford in these times of economic uncertainty

  • you can digest in small chunks and follow at your own pace

  • will give you practical and useful skills for labour

  • will squash your feelings of overwhelm.

Easy-to-follow videos and audio files

Download the audio files to listen and practice anywhere at any time

This course will give you what you need to prepare for birth.

It digs deep into a fundamental technique for you to cope with contractions and shows you how to enhance your breathing skills for birth step-by-step..

  • You will learn why the breath plays such an important role in coping with labour and birth.

  • You'll practice how to control the breath and use it to help you feel more calm and relaxed.

  • You will develop your breathing skills with methods that help you get through labour one contraction at a time.

  • You can learn at your own pace and repeat any lessons as many times as you like until you feel comfortable in that skill.

  • You will be completely self-reliant and confident to use the skills you have learned in every part of your birth.

Full course curriculum

Everything you need to learn breathing techniques for a calm and relaxed birth

  • An introduction to the breath (video)

  • How the breath affects the body & mind (video)

  • Learn to use the breath to relax exercise (MP3)

  • 8 exercises to develop control over the breath linked with other tools (MP3)

  • Using breath in combination with the body (video)

  • 3 guided relaxation tracks (with & without music) (MP3)

  • TOTAL CONTENT = 17 lessons = 2.5 hours

What are you waiting for?

Take learning into your own hands and start getting to grips with how to harness the breath for a calm and relaxed labour & birth

Hi! It's awesome to meet you.

Eleanor Hayes, antenatal educator

My journey into the birth world started with the births of my own babies. My first birth was awful, my second was awesome!

The difference between them was in the preparation that I did to ensure I know all about the way my body was going to work in labour, all the ways I could help it, and learning a variety of methods to cope with it. 

I centre all my courses around the 5 pillars of antenatal learning: the LABOUR ABCDEs.

This ensures you have a foundation in the way the body works, and then every layer you build on top of that helps to cement valuable KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS that leave you with GENUINE POSITIVITY.

This course is perfect for you if...

  • you want to understand the science behind the method

  • you have done other antenatal classes but feel they didn't really cover this in enough detail

  • you are feeling anxious about birth and how you might cope with it

  • you are not new to birth and looking for a short course to refresh your knowledge and add in a few new skills

  • you want a flexible learning method that means you can lean in your own home, your own time and at a pace that suits you

Don't just take my word for it...

Science backs up the theory that breathing techniques in labour really help.

A study published in the Journal for Integrative Medicine in 2017 concluded that using breathing techniques in labour:

  • reduced pain of contractions
  • reduced the length of labour

"Based on this study, breathing exercises with deep inhalation and exhalation in pregnant women are effective in reducing the perception of labor pain and shortening the duration of the second stage of delivery. 

Therefore, we recommend breathing exercises as an effective modality for labor pain management and shortening the duration of labor."

Read the full study report here.

Still not sure?

Here are some answers to questions you may have

  • How is the course delivered?

    You receive access to an online training course platform where you can view the videos and listen to the audio as many times as you like.

  • How long does it take?

    The entire course is around 2.5 hours of content however you will probably want to do it in smaller, more manageable chunks and repeat the lessons so you can practice the different techniques.

  • Can I download the audio files?

    Yes you can download all the audio files in MP3 format and so practice anytime on your phone or iPod as easily as you might listen to your favourite music.

  • I have never done breathing exercises before or yoga - will this matter?

    Absolutely not. Every single step in the programme is explained clearly in advance and then you will be guided through practising each technique. It is designed for complete beginners.

  • How will I remember it all?

    The breathing techniques are built up in layers so that you practice as you go along. The idea is that by practising each technique your body will naturally remember the methods so that when you are in labour do won't really need to think hard about it, as your body will know what to do.

  • What if I find something difficult or I don't like it?

    Then you can skip it! The only rules about any method for labour and birth are that it feels right and comfortable for you.

  • What if I have a question about the course or one of the lessons?

    You can always email me ( and I will be happy to answer any questions.