Breathing Techniques for Labour & Birth Online Course

Breathing for Labour & Birth

Learn and practice techniques to help you stay relaxed in labour and cope with contractions

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Preparing for labour and birth can be a complex journey but most people are in agreement that no matter what type of birth you are planning, BREATHING is a key and fundamental tool.

This course is designed to teach you WHY the breath has such a huge impact on the way we cope in labour by examining the MIND-BODY connection.

We then go through a series of exercises that helps us to recognise our own natural breathing rhythm; develop the ability to control the breath; practice techniques to use the breath to relax and calm down; learn specific breaths to use in labour; and combine visualisation and vocalisation as part of the breathing process.

This course comprises short videos to talk through the exercises and has downloadable MP3s so you can practice at your leisure.

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What's included?

2 Videos
14 Audios
1 Presentation
Eleanor Hayes
Eleanor Hayes
Antenatal Educator

About the instructor

My passion is teaching parents everything they need to know about labour and birth. My antenatal programmes follow the principles of the ABCDEs of Labour & Birth. My postnatal courses are designed to help parents understand the reasons why as well as how to be the best parent they can be.

The core foundation blocks of all my courses are understanding the way the body works and so every piece of knowledge, skill or technique can be linked backed to the way it has an impact on the physiology of birth oir their baby.

I am an author of two books on labour and birth - both available on Amazon -  with more in the pipeline. 

I had two very different pregnancy and birth experiences (one awful, the next awesome), and learned so much from my own experiences that I quit my job and started training parents to have the best birth experience that they can.

I have worked with over 800 parents and helped them learn the knowledge and skills they need for labour and birth and navigating the rollercoaster of parenthood.

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