Birthzang's Amazing Baby Fart Expulsion Online Technique

How to help your baby fart

Relieve your baby's painful wind, help them stop crying. Yes, I am so confident that I can help you that I am offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back.

How to help make a Baby Fart course

Did your baby start life happy and content but then started to get fretful in the evenings and cry a lot?

They burp well, but in the evenings they screw up their face and scream with a really hard tummy.

You have come to the conclusion that they have trapped wind or gas; basicallythey desperately need to fart!

This sounds funny but it really is no joke. Not only is your baby in terrible pain and distress, but you are feeling helpless and distraught. 

You haven’t been able to put the baby down in the evening for days (weeks?). You haven’t been able to eat a meal, read your other kids a bedtime story, have a rest, or hear yourself think since I don’t know when.

As soon as the clock turns 4pm, you start to dread the evening ahead.

Would you like to:

  • Transform your baby into a contented and happy one?
  • Give them relief from discomfort and prevent them from future pain?
  • Eliminate your feeling of guilt from being unable to help them?
  • Start enjoying parenthood again?

It is so easy to enrol, just click the button below and we can start getting things back on track, start enjoying parenthood again.

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This course can help you achieve this

Luckily, there is a way you can help your baby fart and relieve themselves of that pain and discomfort.

Within an hour they will get immediate relief from current symptoms, and when practised every day, you will stop the symptoms before they start, or your money back.

Yes, it can prevent the crying! 

You can help transform your baby back into the happy and contented baby they were and you can start enjoying parenthood.

Ruth & Toby found great relief by doing this baby fart technique.

Being able to focus on something connecting and ultimately, umm… bringing clear result was a game changer for us and our tiny, struggling, screaming, unsettled, flailing and frustrated new family member!Thank you xxx”

Do you recognize yourself, your baby and your problem?

That means that you have now found your SOLUTION!

Lets get started

What does the full course contain?

Chapter 1 will help you understand why your baby is in pain, and how to interpret their body language. (video) [FREE TRIAL]

Chapter 2 helps you prepare your space, and your baby for the technique, and guide you how to hold your baby. (video) 

Chapter 3 gives you 10 exercises to help relieve your baby's wind, immediately, which will get rid of the pain and they crying will stop. (10 videos) [1 Exercise in FREE TRIAL]

Chapter 4 talks you through the bonus material. (10 audio files, PDF worksheets)


  • Access to an exclusive support group for parents.
  • Free audio files of the songs to play or download.
  • Free printable PDF worksheets to view or download.
Eleanor Hayes
Eleanor Hayes
Director and Educator

About your instructor

I am hugely passionate about helping mums and dads get the most out of their parenthood journey, whether that is helping them connect with their baby through pregnancy yoga, through preparing for an awesome birth and having/being an incredible birth partner through antenatal classes, or helping them navigate the rollercoaster of parenting a baby, toddler and beyond through yoga, blogs and courses!

I am a parent to 2 feisty and independent children, who were feisty and independent from the word go (and by that I mean even in pregnancy!). I had two very different pregnancy and birth experiences (one awful, the next awesome), and learned so much from my own experiences and then training with Janet Balaskas as an Active Birth teacher, as  Birthlight pregnancy yoga & postnatal yoga teacher, applying my skills as a maternity reflexologist, and working closely with over 600 mums.

Katy & Ana-Lu found this technique worked well beyond babyhood!

So simple and works a treat, I still use it on my toddler when she has tummy trouble.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age baby is this suitable for?

It is suitable for newborn babies and up. The golden rule is just to be very gentle, to begin with.

What if I don't have time to do a course?

The total length of videos is just under 40 minutes and they are divided into 14 bitesize chunks of just a few minutes each. Even if you only spare 5 minutes per day, you will get through the course in a week.

How will I remember the technique?

The techniques are simple but effective and I use songs to help you remember the actions. 

If you forget you can just pop back into the course and jump straight to the exercise that you are looking for.

Songs? But I have a terrible voice and am tone deaf.

Included with the course are 10 audio tracks of the songs for the exercises, so if you don't want to, you don't have to even open your mouth!

What if I need to help my baby in the middle of the night and don't want to have to log into the course again?

Included in the course is a downloadable PDF worksheet that you can print out and reach at a moment's notice.

Couldn't I just look this up on the internet?

Well, you can look up everything on the internet, but if you put "how do I make my baby fart" into Google, Birthzang comes up top!

You don't just get a 2-minute youtube video, but:

  • an understanding of your baby's body language
  • understanding how the digestive system works
  • clear and precise instructions
  • 10 distinct exercises
  • access to an exclusive Facebook support group
  • 10 downloadable audio tracks
  • downloadable, printable worksheets

What if it doesn't work for my baby?

If you are not happy with the course, or satisfied with the content, or the technique, just email me within 30 days of purchasing the course and I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Yes, I am so confident that I can help you that I am offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back.

Any other questions or concerns?

Just email me and I'll be happy to help.

P.S. I know you just can't think straight

It's OK, I've been there, tearing my hair out trying to eat dinner with one hand, read your toddler a story, feed the cat, try to watch your favourite TV show, and calm down a baby who has been screaming for 3 hours straight.

Take a deep breath, it's going to be OK. You've got this.

All you have to do is click the button and within less than an hour, you can actually start enjoying parenthood again. 

See for yourself what this technique involves.

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